Hello! It's nice to know my page is doing some good to all movie lovers out there. I started this page because I couldn't find a good site for subtitles, a lot of sites offer subtitles but no one had a good search tool.

To keep this site the number one on the net for subtitles you must help me. A lot of the uploaded subtitles are in a wrong language or are not working correctly, please don't upload subtitles like that, it's only making everybody irritated and takes time for me to correct.

'Why my email address?'
Yes it's true you must write a valid email address to access the site! Don't worry, I am not going to sell it! But it's the only way to have some identification of the users that accesses the site. And your password is sent to that email address so if you write a fake email address you don't get a password.

'Bad subtitles!'
Yes there are some. Some users think it's funny to upload subtitles that are not correct and I don't have the time nor the ability (knowledge of some 60+ languages and possession of all movies ever released on DVD would be required:) to check all the subtitles that get uploaded to the site. So if you download a subtitle and find it to be bad in some way: not correct language, not correct title or a lot of spelling errors - DON'T send a complaint to me and tell me it's wrong! I am not going to fix it, how do I know it's wrong if it's in a language I don't understand. So what you do is that you use the rating system that rates the subtitles and when enough people have rated that subtitle as bad, it will automatically be removed from the database. (NB! Rating is currently disabled, hopefully the programmers will enable it soon again, so in the mean-time you are actually encouraged to let me know if you find a bad subtitle!).

Ok, sounds good, take me to the FREE registration form!
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